The following books, essays, and other texts are suggested sources of information that will help you in your graphic design studies. These readings, in particularly the essays and shorter texts, will be assigned and discussed through the semester, and distributed as digital copies.


  • David Reinfurt, “A New Program for Graphic Design,” 2019.
  • Jerome Harris, “As Not For: Dethroning Our Absolutes,” 2019.
  • James Baldwin, “Nothing Personal,” 
  • Jost Hochuli, “Detail in Typography” 1987. 
  • Ellen Lupton, “Thinking with Type,” 2004. 
  • Lewis Blackwell & Lorraine Wild, “Edward Fella: Letters on America,” 2000.
  • Cheryl D. Miller, “Black Designers: Missing in Action,” AIGA, 1987.
  • Andrew Blauvelt, Graphic Design: Now in Production, “Tool (Or Post-production for the Graphic Design)”
  • Paul Rand, “Thoughts on Design,” 1947.
  • Paul Rand, “Design, Form and Chaos,” 1993.
  • Oliver Sacks, “A Man of Letters,”
  • Hans Rudolf Bosshard, “The Typographic Grid”,
  • Stuart Bailey, “Hardy Perennials”
  • Adrian Shaughnessy, “A Layperson’s Guide to Graphic Design”,
  • Jan Tschichold, “The New Typography,”
  • Eric Gill, “An Essay on Typography,”
  • Richard Hollis, “Graphic Design: A Concise History,”
  • Philip B. Meggs, “A History of Graphic Design”,
  • Michael Bierut, “Looking Closer”,
  • Emil Ruder, “The Typography of Order”,
  • Max Bill, “On Typography”,
  • Armand Mavis, “Every book starts with an idea”,
  • Ellen Lupton and J. Abbott Miller, “Design Writing Research: Writing on Graphic Design“, 1999.
  • Paul Elliman, “The world as printing surface,” 2004. 

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